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Ask the expert: How to protect your kids online

Don't know where to start when it comes to putting parental controls on the kids' devices? An NSPCC online safety expert explains how to go about it.

Ask the expert: Is it safe to eat fish during pregnancy?

A dietitian shares expert advice for mums-to-be who might be confused about seafood safety.

Ask the expert: My daughter and mates only communicate via Snapchat

Is this the norm or should I be worried - they hardly ever seem to actually speak, even when they're in the same room

Talking 'pants' has never been so important

How do you best talk about sexual abuse with young children? A new NSPCC campaign has the answer:

Ask the expert: How will diabetes in pregnancy affect my baby?

Diabetes consultant Dr Eleanor Scott explains how raised blood glucose levels in pregnancy can lead to complications

Ask the expert: The selfie addicted teen

My 14-year-old daughter has become obsessed with taking 'selfies' - what should I do?

Did we choose the wrong baby name?

The Charlie O'Brien Blog: The dos, dont's and dilemmas of getting the right name for your child.

Secondary school pupils not prepared for stress of social media

Concerns over their online image, a pressure to be constantly connected and using 'likes' for social validation are all emotional risks for children.

Ask the expert: Is morning sickness a good sign?

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and feel really sick a lot of the time. I've had a miscarriage before, and I'm worried feeling ill could be a very bad sign.

Ask the expert: I'm pregnant, does the position I sleep in matter?

A foetal medicine professor explains why advice around sleeping on your side during late pregnancy is so important.

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