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As exams loom: 10 ways to nurture children so they don't fear failure

A parent coach explains how to build resilience so kids can cope with life's challenges

Maternal mental illness: how to spot the signs

Postnatal depression is just one of the mental health conditions that can affect pregnant women and new mums.

12 tips to help make going through puberty easier for girls

Sophie Elkan, co-author of the Girls' Guide To Growing Up Great, wants girls to know they're not alone and feeling confused is normal.

Ask the expert: What are the best ways to help a new baby sleep?

A GP and new father gives advice on how parents can encourage new babies to sleep better

How to keep a pregnancy journal - according to Instagram star Clemmie Hooper

The midwife and mum of four girls, who is well-known for her mother_of_daughters posts, explains how to hold on to your pregnancy memories forever.

Worried your teen is depressed? Here's how parents can spot the signs

A child and adolescent psychiatrist explains about the early warning signs of teenage depression, and how parents can help...

Ask the expert: How to protect your kids online

Don't know where to start when it comes to putting parental controls on the kids' devices? An NSPCC online safety expert explains how to go about it.

Ask the expert: Is it safe to eat fish during pregnancy?

A dietitian shares expert advice for mums-to-be who might be confused about seafood safety.

Ask the expert: My daughter and mates only communicate via Snapchat

Is this the norm or should I be worried - they hardly ever seem to actually speak, even when they're in the same room

Talking 'pants' has never been so important

How do you best talk about sexual abuse with young children? A new NSPCC campaign has the answer:

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