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What is ADHD and how can you spot the signs in your child?

Look out for inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness both at home and in the classroom, as our experts explain

Want to slim down fast for summer? Our experts reveal their top tips.

We all know slow and steady wins the healthy weight-loss race, but these insider secrets might help you on your way.

Family fun for a fiver at KM Charity Walk

There is something for everyone at the KM Charity Walk this Sunday (June 24) and if you book in advance it's just £5 per adult - and kids go free!

Wanted! Small superheroes sought for special ceremony

Our annual Ward and Partners Children's Awards are back and we're on the lookout for this year's inspiring bunch of youngsters:

Why more women than ever are discovering the joy of weight training

Explosive strength, fat-burning benefits and a sense of empowerment - Liz Connor finds out how the bar is finally being levelled in the weights room.

Five family outings I'm planning for this year

The Charlie O'Brien Blog: Now spring is in the air, here's what's on my 2018 days out hit list

Is it sensible to get a dog just because the kids want one?

The Dogs Trust advises on what to consider before getting a family dog

Closing down sale at Toys R Us

Shoppers have until Sunday to use gift cards, exchange products and settle accounts as a store prepares to close.

Seven ways to squeeze quality time into busy family life

Working parents are time-poor and it's making families miserable. My Kent Family asks the experts for some genuinely achievable advice.

My mummy was a secret drinker - but not any more

Author Clare Pooley talks about finally accepting that her reliance on Wine O'Clock was a problem - and why she's much happier and healthier for it.

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