Four daughters and forever outnumbered

He's behind the wildly popular Instagram account father-of-daughters and now Kent dad of four Simon Hooper is writing about being Forever Outnumbered.

Record numbers get first choice primary school

Record numbers of families will be told this week that their child has been given one of their choices of primary school

The top 12 white lies parents tell their kids

From getting children to finish their dinner to bribing them to be good, it seems there are lots of reasons parents tell little porkies

Have you got a favourite child? Eight tips to prevent favouritism damaging your kids

Lots of parents have a 'favourite' - but as Mumsnet's Justine Roberts tells My Kent Family, it's how you act on these feelings that really matters.

Let me tell you a story...

Bored of reading your children the same books? The top 50 stories for settling down before bedtime have been released, how many have you read?

Closing down sale at Toys R Us

Shoppers have until Sunday to use gift cards, exchange products and settle accounts as a store prepares to close.

Not happy with your child's secondary school place?

If you're one of the unlucky families to not have been given the school you had hoped for, what can you do next?

Secondary school places record

More children than ever before have applied for a secondary school place in Kent this year. But how many have been given their first choice of school?

Playmobil announces new 2018 ranges

Two royal weddings this year are the inspiration for a new range by family favourite Playmobil:

School's out - for winter!

Thousands of pupils are off school again today as Kent's bitterly cold snap continues ...

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