Top tips for travelling with a toddler

by Charlie O'Brien

Ok, I'm no Robinson Crusoe. I've only flown with my son Noah twice.

BUT, both times he was an absolute dream, and we've done loads of weekends away.

So as it is the summer season and holidays are on our minds I've done a top tips for travelling with a toddler:

Charlie and son Noah on holiday
Charlie and son Noah on holiday

1 Snacks, snacks and more snacks

Snacks in their hand luggage. Snacks in your hand luggage. Snacks in all your suitcases. Snacks for the onward car journey. Enough snacks for the whole entire trip in case you can only find weird Spanish yoghurts with more sugar and E numbers than you've seen since the eighties.

Snacks are LIFE when you have a toddler.

My suggestions for portable snacks that won't cause too much trouble on a plane, train or automobile are;

- Individual packs of breadsticks

- Greek style toddler yoghurts that don't need refrigerating

- Oaty bars

- Dried fruity type things

- Individual packs of oatcakes or crackers

2 Ipad or tablet

I'm 23 weeks pregnant, hormonal and hot and not in the mood to be judged.

So let us cast aside any debates about toddlers and screen time for now. Ta.

If you're going to be stuck on a plane for a few hours with a small person with no

soft play, nature, slides or favourite toys to keep them entertained the tablet is a GOD SEND.

Download their favourite programmes or games before you go and I promise, it will make the journey a lot easier.

Cheap treats for the journey
Cheap treats for the journey

3 Presents for them to unwrap

Disclaimer; I do not spoil my child. He barely got a Satsuma in his stocking for


But, before we flew to Italy for our family honeymoon I popped to the pound shop and grabbed a few trains, cars and plastic animals that he could unwrap on the plane.

He loved it.

I gave him something new every half hour or so and the novelty of unwrapping and seeing something new kept him well entertained and out of trouble.

Noah with his earplugs
Noah with his earplugs

4 Something for their ears

If you're flying it is a good ideato think about how their ears could pop and be

painful on take off and landing.

If they're small feeding from the breast or bottle is a good shout.

With Noah I offered his drinking bottle with straw on take off.

I also purchased some special toddler flying ear plugs. They help balance the pressure in your ears. I've always worn them as an adult and they work a treat.

To be honest Noah pulled his out and seemed fine without them but worth knowing.

5 Wine

If all else fails - wine!

Have a wonderful trip!



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