Big Fun House in Chartham opens new pedal go-kart track

A new go-kart track dubbed the best off-road pedal circuit in the UK has opened in Kent.

Run by the Big Fun House in Chartham - which also hosts a soft play centre - the venue caters for racers of all ages from five upwards.

The tight and twisty track, which can be seen by motorists heading along the A28 near Canterbury, is complete with painted tyre walls, cambered bends and changes of gradient.

Owner of The Big Fun House, Simon Bridgland
Owner of The Big Fun House, Simon Bridgland

Three different sized Berg karts are available, with the biggest having a handle handbrake.

Just shy of 300 metres, the track can have up to 15 karts on circuit at one time.

Big Fun House manager Simon Bridgland is hoping to attract people of all ages.

“Our target audience is everyone really. We’d love to get teenagers and adults out here having a go,” he said.

“You can have flat-out races as there are good overtaking places. Or you can do qualifying laps or race the marshal after having a 30-second headstart.

“It’s a challenging and fun circuit which is really good for getting your fitness up.”

Simon Bridgland
Simon Bridgland

Having opened on the first weekend of May, the track is already proving to be popular.

“Everyone who has been here has been grinning from ear to ear afterwards - it’s being really well received,” Mr Bridgland added.

“Strong five-year-olds are about the cut-off for the minimum age.

“It’s the premier off-road pedal kart track in the UK. It’s purpose-built and there are not many out there like this.”

Constructed by Canterbury-based firm Ovenden, the opening hours are currently from 4pm until 6pm on Thursdays and Fridays, and 10am until 6pm at the weekend.

The track is set to be open in the warmer months of the year, from March to October.

Hiring a large or medium go-kart costs £10 for an hour, while the smaller karts are £5 for a half-hour session.

For more information and to book tickets, visit

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