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The White Bicycle: Variations and Situations

An exhibition of photographs by David Buss at The sassoon Gallery, Folkestone Library, 12 Jan to 11 Feb 2019
An exhibition of photographs celebrating the love of bicycles shared by many individuals and communities across the globe. The exhibition demonstrates that bicycles are used not simply as a means of transport, but also for other various and sometimes surprising purposes such as an object to personalise, to express the identity of the owner, to promote a business, to serve as a memorial (known as ‘ghost bikes’), to be part of an art work, a status symbol, a signifier, to maintain as a piece of nostalgia, to communicate information, and more. Using the recurring motif of a white bicycle, David created photographic images that intentionally range from the humorous to the moving, from surreal to abstract, from documentary to ambiguous, and from nostalgic to futuristic. In each photograph, the white bicycle may be the major feature of the image or an incidental fragment. It may be a real bicycle or an image or other representation of one. David is Emeritus Professor at UCA.



Saturday 12 January 2019 - Saturday 12 January 2019


9:00 AM - 0:00 AM

The Sassoon Gallery
2 Grace Hill
CT20 1HD

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