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by Charlie O'Brien

Let’s face it – it doesn’t take much for Katie Price to appear in the papers. In fact when I did a quick Google news search there were five different articles from this week ranging from tattoos to her tiny waist.

But the one that caught my eye was after an appearance on Loose Women, discussing that she wants at least three more children to add to her brood of five.

Katie stated that it may not be possible as she’s already undergone four c-sections, but that she’d be devastated if she couldn’t have any more.

Katie Price - let's just let her get on with it
Katie Price - let's just let her get on with it

Of course the internet always has an opinion – the resounding one being that she’s selfish for wanting more.

Here are a few of the comments I’ve seen (I know, I know, it’s the Daily Mail – don’t hate me!)

'She's not even fit to be a mother for one'

'Three more excuses for magazine deals she means'

'SERIOUSLY!!!! Are you not TOO OLD ??? you look it.. Please don't.. Madonna adopts and may be this is the way to go'

Ok – these are typical internet 'troll' comments – but I’ve also seen a lot of discussion suggesting that Katie Price has enough children already and she should be happy with her lot.

But why should she!

Katie Price on a visit to kent
Katie Price on a visit to kent

Why as a society are we so insistent on telling women what to do with their bodies and families? I’m pretty sure we don’t pass the same comments to men?

After having my son Noah, who is now two, I really wasn’t sure if I ever wanted another. I’d suffered two devastating missed miscarriages, infertility issues, surgeries and then a complicated birth that left me traumatised. But if I ever admitted to people that I’d be happy with just the one – my own personal choice was met with horror!

MYKat STORY: It’s ok to have ‘just’ the one

People were very quick to comment and warn me that Noah would grow up to be lonely/unable to play with others/spoiled and that I would regret my potential decision.

I really don’t think we have a right to comment on how many children an individual should want or have – unless we think those children would grow up in a dangerous environment for some reason.

I’m really not a fan of Katie Price – but she seems like a really caring hands-on mum to me, and come on, it’s not like she can’t afford it!

People need to mind their own business.

Charlie X

Charlie at Noah's side in hospital
Charlie at Noah's side in hospital

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