The Charlie O'Brien blog: DJ Jason King's 'male labour' on Facebook Live

by Charlie O'Brien

Earlier this week I was a little bit cruel to my husband… well, probably more than a little bit! But I must point out, he was a willing participant in my experiment.

In front of a live Facebook audience of hundreds on Channel Mum(and watched by thousands later on all around the world) – I hooked Jay up to two TENS machines and made him go through 'contractions' and 'labour' for 20 minutes!

Pictures and video of him in 'male labour' made all the national newspapers.

Jay’s not the first man to do this. I’ve seen a few men on the internet take on the challenge and Peter Andre even travelled to a special clinic in Germany to be strapped up to a proper labour and birth simulator.

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I asked Jay if he would be up for trying it as I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with my second and already slightly dreading labour again.

I started off slow with the TENS machines giving off their lowest impulses but soon sped things up as we had to cram a whole labour into 20 minutes!

It was obvious to me, and everyone watching, that he was in a fair amount of pain. He had one machine on his back and another on his stomach and experts agree that it’s the closest sensation to labour.

It’s also fair to say that all the women watching were enjoying every second of a man writhing in pain, begging for it to stop!

Just some of the online comments Jay received
Just some of the online comments Jay received

But we both agreed afterwards that it’s impossible to truly recreate the experience of childbirth. The waves of intense pain, the exhaustion, the feeling that quite simply –you might die!

The overwhelming feeling of pressure and the fear that your whole body could well split in two. Then of course there’s the infamous 'ring of fire'!

It’s proven to be one of the most painful things a human body can endure and to be honest I’m not entirely relishing the thought of going through it again.

Jay and Charlie with son Noah
Jay and Charlie with son Noah

But equally the whole thing is an incredible experience and sometimes I feel sorry for my husband that he will never get to feel a first kick or watch a tiny foot stick out of his stomach.

I take my hat off to Jay for taking on the challenge and allowing himself to look like a a wally in front of thousands of people.

But somehow I don’t think the pain he felt is even a hundredth of what I’ll be going through in about 19 weeks time!

Charlie X

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