Sittingbourne boxer Frank Ripley invents own water bottle Fraqua used for Commonwealth Games

A schoolboy who has been boxing since he was eight has invented a water bottle to help fighters drink on their own - and it'll get a showing at the Commonwealth Games.

Frank Ripley, from Sittingbourne, has been up at 5am training before school, twice a week, for the last six years.

Frank drinking from the water bottle he invented

His mum, Lena, said: “When Frank started boxing he would always struggle to hydrate himself when wearing his boxing gloves.

"Either his trainer, Charlie Rumble, or myself would have to give Frank a drink.

"He wanted to drink by himself but would always spill water over himself, drop the bottle or have to take gloves off to do so.

"There was a problem that needed solving."
After facing such a simple struggle Frank asked his mum if there was a water bottle that could allow him to hydrate himself.

Frank Ripley from Sittingbourne with his Fraqua water bottle
Frank Ripley from Sittingbourne with his Fraqua water bottle

But after searching online they found nothing. Lena explained: "Frank said to me 'why can’t we make our own'.

"So he put pen to paper and drew what he thought would work, he also made a prototype out of an old sports bottle, added some zip ties and plenty of gorilla glue to make a handle.

"It didn’t look great but the concept worked. Fast forward five years, multiple product tests, prototypes, patent and design protecting he came up with the end product, Fraqua."

Named after a combination of Frank and aqua, the bottles are now being manufactured in the UK at a factory in Buckinghamshire.

Frank training in Sittingbourne
Frank training in Sittingbourne

Its packaging is from a Sittingbourne company, Crusader. Frank was keen to have his bottle produced in the UK.

When Frank isn’t at school or in the boxing gym, he’s very hands on with his product. He’s even been to the factory’s where it’s made and packaged.

The 14-year-old Borden Grammar pupil said: “I always wanted to learn the art of boxing.

“It makes me feel alive.

Frank holding the drinking bottle he designed
Frank holding the drinking bottle he designed

“One day I hope to box for my country. Boxing is great for fitness, focus and discipline.

“In a boxing gym it’s like a second family.”

Frank's mum explained that the young entrepreneur even sent out some bottles to Team Ghana, who are boxing in the Commonwealth Games this year.

He said: "I'm proud that they love staying hydrated from an idea and dream of mine."

When Frank leaves school he wants to study accountancy to help him run the company.

The Fraqua IBA advert in The Ring Magazine
The Fraqua IBA advert in The Ring Magazine

Lena added: "Fraqua is the first bottle in the world that you can pick up while wearing boxing gloves.

"It’s also the first ever water bottle to obtain such accreditation from the International Boxing Association (IBA) and get a license."

The IBA govern all the amateur boxing rules world-wide and sanctions Olympic-style boxing.

Frank's water bottle is also advertised every month in the world's biggest boxing publication, The Ring Magazine.

To find out more about Frank’s invention, or to order a bottle, click here.

The bottle costs £39.99 and has a unique loop handle which is currently awaiting a patent.

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