Charlie O'Brien blog: Pharrell Williams in triplets nappy changing controversy

by Charlie O'Brien

In approximately 11 weeks I could be knee deep in nappies again! Arrghh.

Newborn nappies and how often they need changing is something you can’t really prepare for before becoming a parent. I mean – how many times can a teeny weeny human poo in a day? It turns out – quite a lot actually.

A couple of sleep deprived nights into parenthood – my husband Jay and I quickly agreed that I would do all the night feeds as I was exclusively breastfeeding and he would do the nappy change that always quickly followed.

It took the pressure off me in the night and meant that as soon as the feed was done, I could catch up on some much needed sleep before I was needed for the next feed.

Husband Jay is more than happy to do his share of nappy changing

Those nights were tough but the months fly and the bigger the baby gets, the less messy nappy changes there are …. Well until they start weaning that is!

So I was a bit disappointed to read that singer and rapper Pharrell Williams doesn’t change the nappies of his TRIPLETS! Yes, three of them.

When asked on the TODAY show if he’s hands-on with the diapers – he replied that no he isn’t...

'My wife is SEAL team six. There's nothing she can't do,'

He continued: 'She carried those three bodies and she's just on it all the time.'

Pharrell Williams is not on diaper duty

Erm – the clue’s in the sentence right there Pharrell – she carried THREE WHOLE HUMANS! Now it’s YOUR turn to chip in.

The singer, who had one of the biggest hits of the decade with Happy, also added that they do have help with their triplets – which I would too if I had three babies and could afford it.

But come on Pharrell –really? Gone are the days of men smoking cigars in hospital corridors while women pushed out their offspring a few rooms down. Women work now.

'We both made the kid – therefore we both have equal shares in his poo'

We birth children AND hold down careers. And dads everywhere are now fighting to be seen as equal when it comes to parenting.

My friend Al from the Dad Network based in Tunbridge Wells even runs a campaign to allow dads access to nappy changing facilities in public….

It didn’t cross my partner’s mind to not change a nappy. We both made the kid – therefore we both have equal shares in his poo.

If I was Pharrell’s wife I’d be having serious words – let me tell you!

Were nappy changes an equal chore in your house? Let me know my laving a comment.

Charlie X

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