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by Lauren Abbott

Have you ever been so inspired by an activity with your child that you've wanted to share it with other parents?

Mum Kathy Carter was desperate to do just that after noticing the benefits of taking her son Sam along to a baby signing group.

But going much further than texting friends, or even writing a quick facebook post about their experiences, the Maidstone mum decided to pen and publish a book based on what her family had learnt.

Mum Kathy Carter inspired to sign with babies and children

Kathy had already produced some non-fiction, but to encourage others to embark on the same journey as her and Sam, she took the leap into children's literature and has created the Alfie's Magic Hat series - setting up her own company to publish them.

Aflie’s Magic Hat is about a boy who, on putting on his magical headwear, is transported to wondrous adventure-filled lands.

The book introduces key elements of sign language to encourage infants, not yet speaking but able to communicate, to engage with the tale.

Kathy Carter has written Alfie's Magic Hat after appreciating the benefits of signing with her son

Kathy explained: “I had my son Sam two-and-a-half years ago, and will be forever grateful to my sister in law, who introduced me to baby sign language.

"She told me that signing is a great way for families and carers to communicate with hearing children before speech.

“If you are considering signing with a baby or child, do give it a go. It is a wonderful life-skill for parents and infants to learn.”

It is hoped two books in the Alfie series will be published by the end of 2016, both with colouring book versions as well.

The first, Fun At The Zoo, was launched in Maidstone at Little Mouse Books in The Corn Exchange.

The books can be ordered from book stores or are available to purchase online.

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