Chartham mum Sally Wade launches healthy snack subscription boxes Treat Trunks

A mum is hoping to help families ditch junk food with her new business venture creating healthy snack subscription boxes.

Sally Wade believes her Treat Trunk packages will remove the hassle families experience in trying to find healthy snacks for the kitchen cupboards.

As a busy parent, Sally said she was becoming increasingly frustrated trying to work out what was supposedly a 'healthy' item, spending precious time attempting to decipher complex packaging labels and struggling with what she felt was 'little variety' on the supermarket shelves.

Treat Trunk boxes are full of healthy snacks
Treat Trunk boxes are full of healthy snacks

The mum-of-two explained: "Eating healthily as a family doesn’t need to be difficult but shop bought snacks are a minefield. It’s hard to tell what’s in the products and scouring the internet for variety can get expensive."

With food and recipe boxes which are delivered-to-the-door rapidly growing in popularity and determined that things could be easier for families, the 39-year-old decided to look into creating her own packages of both sweet and savoury snacks.

The Treat Trunks contain around 20-25 hand-picked packets and are designed for families to order either on a monthly or quarterly basis. A Mini Trunk, containing 10-15 snacks, is also available and is delivered monthly.

Sally Wade
Sally Wade

Sally says the boxes aim to be fun, filled with interesting things which children particularly will be keen to try, whilst paying close attention to the sugar content of the products she chooses.

Many have been road tested on her own youngsters, aged three and seven, including treats like 'cola flavoured raisins' as she attempts to find snacks children won't be embarrassed to tuck into around peers who may be munching on more traditional snacks.

"We want kids to think that this is fun" she explained. "So that it doesn't feel like they are being left out."

Sally, from Chartham near Canterbury, who has a background in administration and marketing, has embarked on environmental health and hygiene courses to make sure Treat Trunk meets all regulations

The trunks contain a mixture of snacks for all the family - some especially designed for kids and some chosen specifically with parents in mind.

The boxes are £35.99 - or £19.99 for a monthly Mini Trunk - are vegan friendly, dairy free, low gluten, described as 'sugar sensible' and avoid the additives which concern many families.

Sally Wade hand picks the snacks for Treat Trunk boxes
Sally Wade hand picks the snacks for Treat Trunk boxes

Sally added: "I want to take the hassle away and share all the wonderful products I have found with families across the UK. I have met lots of Mums who were looking for snack ideas and inspiration to avoid giving their kids snacks laden with sugar and additives and were really struggling.

"And for children with intolerances and allergies it’s even harder. Likewise I am well aware how challenging and exhausting parenthood can be so I wanted to ensure snacks for the parents were included so that we eat well too.”

To order a Treat Trunk visit and use code NEWYEAR25 to get 25% off your first month of a subscription on orders placed by February 28, 2019.

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