Charlie O'Brien blog: 10 things I’ll miss about having a baby

by Charlie O'Brien

My baby is only seven months old but I know she’s my last child – so some days I already find myself feeling a bit inrationally sad about the fact that before I know it my days of having a baby will be over.

I know that every single stage of having children brings with it new excitement, opportunities and learning. Oh, and challenges!

But there is definitely something special about having a baby in the house.

With my son Noah
With my son Noah

Here are 10 things that I’ll miss...

1. Their smell. What is it about babies? They smell so darn good! I must sniff Luna’s neck and head at least ten times a day.

2. Their chubby rolls. By the time they get to about 18 months they start looking like proper little humans and lose that gorgeous baby fat. I love nothing more than their squishy arms and chubby cheeks.

3. Their ‘newness’. There is just something so wonderful about looking at a new human, knowing they have their whole entire lives ahead of them.

4. Baby feet. I have a thing for baby feet. They’re soft and perfect and don’t smell! Those little feet that haven’t even taken a step on the earth are really quite special.

5. Cuddles. I am pretty lucky that my three-year-old Noah is extremely affectionate, but I still have to wait for cuddles on his terms now. You can cuddle a baby any time and there’s nothing better in the world.

Seven-month-old Luna having a stretch
Seven-month-old Luna having a stretch

6. A legitimate excuse to keep buying clothes – Babies grow so fast which means you HAVE to keep buying them cute little outfits. Even if it does break my heart every time I have to send another lot off to the charity shop.

7. Everyone is nice to you. The world is generally kinder to you when you have a baby in a pram. People stop and admire, tell you your baby is cute and you feel all warm and lovely inside. Of course, there are also the odd few who can’t stand tiny humans, but we’ll ignore them.

8. Sitting down. OK, I know us mums (and dads!) don’t get to sit down much, but babies have to be fed. So, whether you’re bottle or breastfeeding – it’s a great excuse a few times a day to take the weight off your feet for 15 minutes.

9. The firsts. First smiles, teeth, words, steps. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.

10. You are their world. As mum or dad YOU are your baby’s world. And that’s pretty special.

Charlie x

Stepping out in the park with Noah
Stepping out in the park with Noah

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