Expert advice for mums who feel like they can't cope

by My Kent Family reporter

I have two children, work full-time and feel overwhelmed by everything I have to do. What can I do to make myself feel better?

If you're frazzled, take five deep breaths

Almost every parent I work with feels overwhelmed sometimes. So many mums and dads tell me they're only just managing to cope with the competing demands of work and family.

It helps to remember the human race evolved to focus on what might go wrong: a certain amount of stress helped our ancestors to survive. But worry can easily get out of control and drain us of energy.

'Almost every parent struggles with feeling they're not getting it right'

Take little pauses throughout the day to ask yourself how you're feeling. If you're frazzled, take five deep breaths. This will quieten the chatter in your busy mind and help calm your nervous system.

Almost every parent struggles with feeling they're not getting it 'right', so it's important to be as kind to yourself as you can. Learn to be your own cheerleader, and acknowledge all the things you're doing well.

It's vital to carve out even a small amount of time each week for something you enjoy. Parents often find it difficult to prioritise their own wellbeing, but your children will benefit if you can give yourself permission to fill up your own emotional tank.

Clinical psychologist , author of Five Deep Breaths: The Power Of Mindful ParentingDr Genevieve von Lob

The Power Of Mindful Parenting is published by Bantam Press, £14.99

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