Kent Test results day: Everything you need to know about secondary school places in Kent

Kent Test results have been sent to thousands of families this week, after the grammar school assessment was pushed back a month because of coronavirus.

The delay has meant changes to the secondary school applications system this year, which has happened ahead of the release of results for the first time. Here's what happens next:

The Kent Test was put back by a month because of Covid19
The Kent Test was put back by a month because of Covid19

When were Kent Test results released?

Families who registered online were sent an email from Kent County Council after 4pm on Thursday (November 26).

Results and test scores can also be viewed online with First Class letters being sent to arrive on doormats from Friday.

What do I do now?

Due to the impact of Covid-19 this year parents were able to put two extra secondary school preferences on their forms - an increase from four to six.

This was to account for the fact that families this year did not know their child’s Kent Test result before secondary school applications needed to be submitted on November 2. In previous years, Kent Test results were made available before secondary options needed to be submitted, but because of Covid19 this couldn't happen this year.

If your child has been assessed as suitable for grammar school, any Kent grammar school you applied for will consider your application, but this does not guarantee your child will be offered a place. The priority order in which you listed schools will also be taken into account.

If more children assessed as being suitable for grammar school qualify for places than it has space for, the school must use its admissions criteria to decide which children to offer places to. If the school you would like your child to attend is full, you can ask to be put onto the waiting list or consider an appeal to that school outlining why you think they should be considered against its admissions criteria.

Parents were allowed to choose more secondary schools this year on application forms
Parents were allowed to choose more secondary schools this year on application forms

Can I appeal a decision?

If your child has been assessed as not being suitable for a grammar school place you can appeal. Learn more about the process and how to submit an appeal, which would be heard by a panel in the spring, here. Your child's primary school should also be able to offer further advice.

When is secondary school offer day?

Secondary school offer day is March 1, 2021. This is the date that families will now be told which secondary school their child has been given a place at.

If you applied online you will receive an email after 4pm on March 1. You can also log in after 5pm to view your offer.

There is an appeals process, either direct with the school concerned, or via KCC should you be unhappy with the decision made and the place you have been given. Information about accepting secondary school offers, or appealing them, can be found here.

Families appealing a Kent Test decision will still be given a place at another school until panels meet, which is scheduled to be from April.

What do the figures tell us?

Kent County Council says more than 4,800 children from Kent have been assessed as suitable for grammar school this year. Just over 3,000 children from outside of Kent have also named one of the county's schools among their preferences.

KCC's cabinet member for education and skills Richard Long, said: “We anticipate the 4,867 Kent children who have been assessed as being suitable for grammar school will, in most cases, enjoy priority for the 5,550 places available in the county over pupils from other authorities.

“Although KCC supports the right of all parents, including those of the 3,062 eligible children outside of Kent to have named our schools among their preferences, the nature of the school admissions process means that most children will ultimately secure places in their own local authority area.”

KCC councillor Richard Long. Picture: KCC (43296378)
KCC councillor Richard Long. Picture: KCC (43296378)

He added: “This has been a year unlike anything we have ever seen, however, Kent has done everything in its power to ensure that families were given a fair and safe way to apply for secondary schools this year.

“We are fortunate that Kent already has arguably one of the fairest selection processes available, which provided us with a strong foundation to build on when responding to Covid-19.

“We recognise that while the process of transferring your child to secondary school will be exciting, it has the potential to cause worry during even a normal year.

"Our thoughts therefore go out to all families that have had to navigate this process on top of a national pandemic. We would like to thank both the schools and staff who have worked diligently to ensure that these families have been supported to make the best decisions for their child in spite of these unique challenges."

I need more help...

Details of secondary schools in Kent and how to apply can be found here.

For further advice on completing applications call 03000 41 21 21 or email

Read more family-related news from across Kent at

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