Children's sleepover parties in Kent by Star Wars and Harry Potter actress Nikki Bond

A Kent actress who has played some of fantasty film's most unusual creatures is putting her artistic talents to good use to create unique children's sleepover parties.

Nikki Bond played Alcida Auka - the Matron of the Caretakers in Star Wars The Last Jedi and was also a Gringotts Goblin in Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

But the mum-of-one has undergone somewhat of a costume change to also now launch a children's birthday party business from her home in Chatham.

Parties are suitable for children aged roughly six to 12
Parties are suitable for children aged roughly six to 12

Looking for something to fill her time between movie roles, Nikki decided her theatrical experience and past work as a choreographer would enable her to conjure up magical sleepover experiences for children, their party guests and family all within the comfort of their own home.

My Sleepover Party brings to parents everything they need for throwing a memorable experience including tipis, which she makes herself, mattresses, fairy lights, decorations and breakfast trays.

Nikki sets up the entire experience, usually within a living room or downstairs area, and then returns to clear everything away the following morning. She can travel within a 20 mile radius - or further for a delivery charge.

Nikki Bond from Medway (6868237)
Nikki Bond from Medway (6868237)

She said: "I like to think I'm a little bit theatrical. It lends itself to being creative and I thought that's a really nice idea."

Nikki is a regular at Comic Con events and conventions where she does meet and greets and signs autographs for film fans.

Her parties come in a variety of themes including mermaids, unicorns, jungle/wildlife - as well as Star Wars and Harry Potter themed parties which come complete with signed film pictures from the actress herself.

Nikki Bond in Star Wars
Nikki Bond in Star Wars

Having thoroughly road-tested the parties on her 11-year-old daughter and her friends, Nikki has also recently introduced spa packages for youngsters which include fluffy robes, warming eye masks, beauty products and toiletries.

But she said she is also open to creating bespoke themes.

She added: "They've all been lovely. They have all been really pretty."

My Sleepover Party with a jungle theme
My Sleepover Party with a jungle theme

Families interested in a My Sleepover Party package are sent a document detailing how much space is required for the tipi tents, which helps customers decide how many little guests they may be able to allow their child to invite.

There is also the option of ordering a double tent to enable the birthday child to share the experience with just one special friend and that arrangement requires around two metres of spare space.

To learn more about the different packages available visit or visit the company's facebook page.

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