Kent Test 2020 may take place in October says Kent County Council

Proposals to delay this year's Kent Test until October will be considered in mid-July.

The possibility of a delay to this year's grammar school assessments, which would see children taking their exams on Thursday, October 15 to allow pupils more time to settle into the new academic year, will be looked at next month with a decision hopefully made before the end of the summer term.

There is now a proposal to delay the Kent Test until October
There is now a proposal to delay the Kent Test until October

As part of the proposals, the council will consider increasing the number of schools that can be named on the Secondary Common application form from four to six choices for one year only.

This means parents could name up to two grammar schools without reducing the number of non-selective schools on their child's application.

Matt Dunkley, KCC’s corporate director for children, young people and education, said: "While the pathway to a return to normal school life is still not fully understood, we know it is important that schools, parents, carers and children have adequate notice of any adjustments to the Kent Test process.

"It has recently become clear that Year 5 pupils are no longer expected to return to school before the start of the new academic year.

"We are mindful of how much classroom time pupils have missed and want to give all those taking part the opportunity to settle back into school life before the Kent Test.

"Proposals are therefore being made to delay the Kent Test by around one month, with testing for children in Kent schools to potentially take place on Thursday, October 15 and children from outside Kent to be tested from Saturday, October 17."

Plans to delay Kent Test
Plans to delay Kent Test

Despite the proposed plans, KCC has said things could change in light of change advice and guidance on Covid-19 from the government.

Mr Dunkley added: "Assessment through testing has the benefit of being available to students regardless of their current education setting, so it remains our current preference for a selection method.

"Our process also contains the head teacher appeal stage, which enables further consideration to be given to pupils where it is felt their test scores did not reflect their true ability."

The proposals submitted will be considered in mid-July and should be finalised before the end of the current school year, says KCC, barring any extensions to the democratic process

It comes as The Medway Test was delayed until October, to ensure pupils have the opportunity to settle back into school before exams take place.

It will now be held on October 13 and 14 for Medway pupils whose schools have opted for two-day testing, and on October 10 for students whose schools have chosen one-day testing.

Two weekends of testing will be held for out-of-area pupils on October 10-11 and 17-18 to ensure children are able to socially distance themselves from each other and from invigilators.

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