Simmonds Schoolwear in Kent demonstrates how to measure for a school blazer in YouTube videos

A school uniform supplier has filmed a series of videos to show families how to measure their children for this year's uniforms.

Simmonds, which sells clothing for 100 schools including items such as blazers, skirts and kilts, trousers and sports kits is running a contact-free shopping service because of coronavirus and social distancing guidelines.

Families may need help in measuring children for uniform this year
Families may need help in measuring children for uniform this year

Consequently, families are now having to measure their own children for items - a job that would ordinarily have been done by experienced shop staff.

Customers visiting the shop by appointment will be talked through the process at a distance by a member of Simmonds' team and disposable tape measures will be used.

But for those families keen to shop online for their children's clothing for the new term, a series of videos have been uploaded to the company's YouTube channel.

Alongside videos for both boys and girls uniform, Simmonds is also in the process of filming school specific videos to go through the items which may be particular to certain schools and their own uniform and kit lists.

You can find the videos made by Simmonds Schoolwear by clicking here.

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