Kent sports clubs for children

by Lauren Abbott

As parents you can play a crucial role in how your children approach sport or sport-related activities – regardless of whether you participate or not.

There are hundreds of active sports clubs in Kent and although a gentle nudge to overcome shyness or a few first-time nerves might be appropriate it is crucial to never force your youngsters into taking part in something they are clearly not enjoying.

But how do you go about introducing your children to their first sports club or extra-curricular activity?

The Kent Sport and Physical Activity Service (Kent Sport) aims to boost participation in sport and physical activity in order to improve the health and well-being of residents.

Starting sport early pays dividends
Starting sport early pays dividends

For families who have no existing links to a sports club or team Kent Sport runs a ‘Find Your Sport’ service to help parents and their children find the appropriate contact details for the activity they think they would like to try.

It is also worth remembering that a sporting activity does not have to involve a ball or running.

Dancing, archery, angling and roller derby are all listed among the sports currently being enjoyed by adults and children in the county.

And the sport your children choose may be something they’ve already tried at school, a friend is taking part in or something they’ve seen on television.

Kent Sport is also accredited to award the Clubmark accreditation to organisations.

An accredited club is a safe and fulfilling place for youngsters and is deemed to be following ‘best practice’ in terms of its role in safeguarding children and coaching standards.

Sport can teach your child vital social skills
Sport can teach your child vital social skills

Kent Sport advises families to look out for these clubs above all others and you can find an accredited club by clicking here.

Lastly, for those families who may not know where to start there is an event and activity finder advertising week-by-week sporting-related gatherings, taster days and special fun days.

To use the activity finder click here.

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