Free 'Solihull approach' parenting courses available to parents in Kent and Medway

Parents in Kent and Medway are being offered free access to online parenting courses as part of work to support families during the coronavirus pandemic.

After a difficult year, and growing numbers of families experiencing stresses at home increased by the ongoing restrictions, two organisations in the county are investing thousands of pounds to help.

A £16,000 injection by Kent County Council and the Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust is granting free access to the 'Solihull approach' parenting course as part of a package of measures to support families.

Parents and carers of the nearly 450,000 children and young people in Kent and Medway will be able to find extra support in the online courses, which focuses on mental health and well being, in order to further understand their child's behaviour and improve family relationships.

There are four separate courses on offer to parents, starting during pregnancy and continuing until a child’s 19th birthday.

Jinny Robinson-Bright, KCHFT’s Clinical Services Manager for Public Health, said “Supporting parents, families and carers has become increasingly important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stresses experienced by families, both expecting a baby and for those managing relationships and behaviours of their children, can be high.

“We know that being a parent can be tough, especially at the moment."

The courses are designed to help families improve relationships
The courses are designed to help families improve relationships

Those behind the funding say the courses will give parents and carers simple practicaly strategies to both strengthen relationships with their children and give themselves a confidence boost and the courses will 'complement' existing support available to families from health visiting and school health teams.

But parents who feel that they require further one-to-one support are encouraged to get in touch with health professionals.

The courses are available at and families need to use the access code Invicta to register for a free account.

Last week the NSPCC and charities across the country called for the government to invest more money in health visiting services to meet the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, which they said risked 'failing' new babies and parents struggling to access the support they needed in the current climate. Read more about that campaign here.

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