Top baby names in the South East for 2018

It's one of the biggest jobs first afforded to new parents - choosing that all important name.

The top baby names from last year have now been revealed - and once again their are some familiar ones taking the highest spots.

In the South East region both Oliver for boys, and Olivia for girls, were once again the most popular choice. Scroll down to read the complete list.

Oliver and Olivia took the top spots
Oliver and Olivia took the top spots

This is the third year running that both names have jointly claimed the highest spot - with Oliver for boys remaining at number one for six years, and Olivia taking the crown as the most popular from this year's second-placed Amelia back in 2016.

A growing trend for vintage names continues with Ivy finding a place in the top 10 among the girls whilst Ada returned to the top 100 names in England and Wales since 1924 whilst there were also mentions in the overall list of 100 names for Delilah and Margot too, which are both listed for the first time.

Whilst among the boys Arthur has made a leap up the rankings however the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's choice Archie has not yet appeared in the South East's top 10 albeit it remains to be seen if his birth in May this year will have some influence on 2019 charts.

The top baby names for 2018 in the South East
The top baby names for 2018 in the South East
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