Sittingbourne couple tell of baby's birth on the A2 outside Rainham's Rose Inn pub

A couple have told of the moment their new-born baby came into the world as they were stuck in traffic on the A2.

As previously reported, the tot has been named after the pub she was born outside on Monday.

Baby Isabella Rose was born outside The Rose Inn, Rainham. Picture: Craig England
Baby Isabella Rose was born outside The Rose Inn, Rainham. Picture: Craig England

Proud parents Craig England and partner Amy were on their way to Medway hospital from their home in Sittingbourne.

As they drove along the A2 in Rainham, they got stuck in early-morning congestion and baby Isabella just couldn't wait.

She was born at 7.05am outside The Rose Inn – leading to a special middle name.

Craig said they set off for the Gillingham hospital after Amy's contractions started at 6am but only made it half way.

He had to pull over and call an ambulance when she told him she had to push.

The Rose Inn, Rainham
The Rose Inn, Rainham

He had barely had time to dial 999 before Isabella was born in the car.

The couple, who are also parents to Rory aged four, were helped by a resident from a nearby house.

Craig, 27, said: “I knocked on three or four doors and she was the only one who answered. She gave us a wet towel to clean the baby with as that’s what we were told to do.

"I think she helped me answer some of the paramedics' questions, it was all a bit of a blur to be honest. We didn’t even get her name.

“She was really calm and she stayed with us until the paramedics arrived. It was only nine minutes but it felt like nine hours.”

The Rose Inn, Rainham
The Rose Inn, Rainham

Amy, 26, later took to social media to track down the woman who had helped, writing: "We would love to thank you in person and replace your towels you kindly gave us but with the adrenaline and trauma we aren't 100% which house you lived in."

The post received hundreds of comments and almost 100 shares.

Amy and baby were discharged from hospital later the same day and as Craig drove them home, they tried to work out which house the woman lived at but couldn’t pick out which one it was.

But luckily the online post worked and they were able to contact their "angel helper".

Amy later said: "The lovely lady was Sue. Very grateful she was the only one to help the very panicked other half who didn't quite know what to do while I caught a baby as he was driving.

The family were on their way to Medway Maritime Hospital
The family were on their way to Medway Maritime Hospital

"Baby is a pink bundle, healthy and home safe after a very traumatic entrance to the world for all. Sue was our angel helper today."

Craig and Amy knew they were having a girl and had already decided what her name would be before she was born, but the location of her sudden arrival helped them to choose the middle name.

Craig added: “I had looked at the pub and thought it was funny, then one of the paramedics mentioned it as well so we decided to pick Rose as her middle name. We contacted the pub as well to let them know.”

Landlord Brain Woodcock didn't know anything about what had happened outside his business until getting the message from the family.

He said: "It was quite a surprise to get the message. I have sent back my congratulations and said when things settle down we would love to see them and meet the baby."

Mum and tot are doing well at their home in Charlotte Street.

Craig said: “They are both fine. At the time it was terrible what happened, it was the worst situation.

"But it is one of those things that can be traumatic and happy at the same time. We will be able to look back and laugh about it in the future.”

Amy also wanted to thank the paramedics – Kat, Neil and Aidan – who looked after her so well.

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