The Charlie O'Brien Blog: Five family outings I'm planning in 2018

by Charlie O'Brien

I’m not going to lie – I struggle through the dark winter months. I definitely suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and it impacts my parenting to an extent.

I’m just not great at getting out in the fresh air when it’s wet and grey.

But the minute I sense spring is in the air I feel energised, rejuvenated and ready to go!

I’m just back from a beautiful spring walk with my seven-month old Luna and our labrador and I’ve got lots of ideas for things I want to do with my three-year-old Noah, now the weather is improving....

Charlie and Noah visit Margate
Charlie and Noah visit Margate

1. Bark /tree rubbing

This sounds so basic, but I totally forgot it was a thing until I saw my vlogging friend Nilly mention the idea on Instagram the other day. I used to do it at school as a child, and it’s a great way of getting children connected with nature. And of course, it’s completely free.

2. Visit Paddington’s street in London

We are all currently OBSESSED with the Paddington films in our house at the moment. I’ve done some research and the external house shots of the fictional Windsor Gardens were actually done in a road in Primrose Hill in London. So I’ve got the idea to jump on a Southeastern train and take Noah to see the house. While we’re there if the weather’s nice we can hang out in Regent’s Park or maybe even go to London Zoo!

3. More sea air

Last weekend we went along to a family friendly rave at Dreamland in Margate, and even thought it was cold, Noah just loved being on the beach and now I feel another Kent beach trip coming on. We’re spoilt for choice in our beautiful county. We may even venture to the Sussex border and check out the sand dunes at Camber Sands.

Watch our day out to Margate here

4. DIY nature trail

We’re lucky enough to live next door to some beautiful woods that we love walking in. One idea is to chuck Luna in a carrier and get out there with a nature trail for Noah to do. He loves finding things and following clues so I’m going to get him hunting for trees, dens, bugs and birds.

5. See some animals

We’re regulars at Christmas Tree farm which is local to us and have been to Kent Life, but we still haven’t taken Noah to the Rare Breeds Centre. So that is very much on my list this spring.

What spring plans do you have?

Charlie X

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